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 About us
      Xinghua insein electric power equipment co., LTD. Is a member of the national power system, net transmission lines running job and live working standardization technical committee member units throughout the country。The company is located in banqiao hometown、Shuihu cradle、Water XingHua。The company's registered capital3080Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of16000Square meters,Is specializing in the production of development of electric power construction, maintenance and instrument、Live working hard、Soft instruments and safety protection and instrument products professional company。Has been made“ISO9001:2008Quality system certification”、“National industrial products production license”、 “Special labor protection articles”、“The bank3AGrade credit enterprise”And be part of the province electric power company listed in the fixed-point production enterprise、Taizhou of jiangsu province3ALevel enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise、Products registered trademark“YongSheng”。Products by state grid company of wuhan high voltage research institute、National electrical equipment quality inspection and test center、The state electricity safety instruments of quality supervision, inspection and test center、North China electric power research institute。Products into the China electricity council、National ministry of science and technology of product promotion catalog and new technology《Send in the country、Distribution circuit of relevant enterprises and products》As the recommended products。Product has been used by the relevant power grid companies approved or deal with the net use。

      Comprehensively implement the companyISO9001-2008Quality system standard,“Science and technology innovation、The good faith is practical”Our company's consistent purpose is my,Ensure the quality of product is my company each staff aware behavior,“All consideration for the user”Is the operating principle of our company。We sincerely welcome customers、Experts、Leadership to visit our company、Investigation and research、Joint development of new products,Better service for the development of our country electric power industry。